Reducing Static Electricity in Your Home

June 10, 2019

At Floworx Mechanical LLC, we understand how painful and annoying it can be to deal with static electricity in your Pueblo, CO, home. Charges can accumulate on your body as you walk over carpets or sit down on upholstered surfaces. Generally, these charges are removed from your body by moisture in the air. When the air is drier, especially in the winter, charges can build up and cause you to get shocked. There are several steps you can take to reduce static in your home.

Rub Surfaces With Dryer Sheets

To remove stray electric charges from surfaces, wipe them down with a dryer sheet before you sit down. You can carry a few sheets around in your pocket and even use them on your car seats before you drive.

Wear Clothing That Doesn’t Hold a Charge

Certain types of materials are more prone to holding onto electric charge. Instead of wearing polyester or nylon, switch to cotton or other natural fibers. You can also purchase shoes that will prevent static charges from transferring from the ground to your body. If you’re still struggling with static on your clothing, rub everything down with a dryer sheet to remove charges.

Maintain Proper Humidity in Your Home

Adding a humidifier to your home makes it easy to combat the dry air of winter. You can get small humidifiers for each room or a larger one for your entire space. Using a moisturizer on your skin can also facilitate the transfer of charges from your body to the air and prevent the build-up of charge. At Floworx Mechanical LLC, we can help you keep the air in your home moisturized throughout the year. Having house plants in your home can also add to the moisture content of the air.

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