Should My Furnace Fan Continuously Run

January 5, 2020

As a trusted provider of HVAC services in Pueblo, CO, and the surrounding areas, [company name]’s customers often ask our technicians for energy efficiency tips. One of the questions we receive most often is whether it is best to run the furnace fan continuously. Keep reading to learn more about why we recommend leaving your furnace fan in the “on” position.

Consistent Heating Throughout Your Home

One of the most compelling reasons to run your furnace fan continually relates to the role your furnace fan plays inconsistently heating your home. Your furnace produces a certain amount of hot air. If you live in a multi-story house, the warmer air rises to the upper level of your home, while the cooler air will naturally fall. When in operation, your furnace fan disrupts this phenomenon by circulating hot and cold air throughout your residence’s interior.

Saving Money Over Time

While it may seem like running your furnace fan may increase your energy bill, this is only partially true. Energy Star-rated furnaces are constructed with a fan that is designed to run continuously. If you have an Energy Star furnace, your heating bill may increase a few dollars each month at first. Continuously running the fan on a traditional furnace could cause an increase in the amount of $10 to $12 per month. However, over time, generating a more even distribution of heated air throughout your home will cause your home to require less heating. As a result, your energy bill will eventually decrease. For even more ways to save on your energy bill, consult our technicians.

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